Intelligent Web Design

HQC Services delivers intelligent web design that ensures your website achieves your goals.  We use standard web development tools to create robust websites that respond to the range of devices commonly used to browse the Internet.

We also develop and edit existing websites to give them a fresh look and update content and add functionality as required.

So contact us now to discuss your requirements.

WordPress Content Management

For many websites, HQC Services uses WordPress, the open-source content management tool used on millions of sites.  There are thousands of plugins, widgets, and themes that we can use to add functionality and implement the style that you want.

HQC Services has the technical expertise to modify and enhance WordPress to meet your specific requirements.  Typically this will make use of a WordPress Child Theme to ensure that standard component updates do not overwrite changes.  Once a Child Theme has been created,  HQC Services can edit the css and php to achieve the look and functionality that you want from your website.

Website Maintenance

Once you have your website up and running, WordPress makes it very straightforward to edit and update the content on your site.  HQC Services offers remote support and training to help you maintain your site.

Customer Support

HQC Services prides itself on good customer support.  We always respond quickly to your emails, phone calls, or texts.  Urgent changes to websites are prioritised to ensure timely implementation.  You can see client comments from our customers here.

We also check the status of customers’ websites to make sure that all the components are up to date.  Any software security updates are given priority.

HQC Services uses the Wordfence WordPress security plugin to protect your website from hacks and malware.


– websites created by HQC Services

“HQC Services have helped us enormously in reconfiguring our website. We would not hesitate to use them again and indeed will be doing so in the near future. A web designer that actually understands clients needs is always going to be an asset.”

“A techie with real human qualities, doesn’t blind you with tech-speak or lose patience when you ask stupid questions, also doesn’t tell you what you want, but goes out of his way to build you the website you envisage.”


“Quick and clear at responding to my emails and ideas and I was very happy with the end result.”




“It has been a pleasure working with you on this and I have been very impressed with your commitment and professionalism.”




“Patient, creative, and excellent at translating my ideas into practice.”





“An excellent job on our SaveCowalsHills website, tidied it up, re-organised it, made it user friendly and interactive, all helping get our message across. Thank you.”


– websites edited or updated by HQC Services